Sue Morgenroth

Sue started dancing with local community theatre in the 80's, where once exposed, she just new she wanted to learn to tap dance. While in community theatre she met women who danced with the Manhattan Dance Company, (a previous name of Off Broadway Dance Studio) which gave her the opportunity to learn with other adult women. She started dancing with this performing group in 1993 and never looked back!

In order to perfect her technique, Sue has taken numerous tap master classes in New York City and Chicago from the following notables tap world, including: Ernest Brown, Reggio McLaughlin, Lynn Schwab, Heather Cornell, Barbara Duffy, Shea Sullivan, Derek K. Grant, Gene Medler and Lane Alexander.

Sue began teaching at OBDC in the 2006-2007 season, where she was able to develop her love for rhythm and musicality. She thanks to OBDC for giving her the opportunity to grow as a teacher and choreographer.

Sue is a substitute and assistant teacher for OBDC.