Class Level and Descriptions

All dancers start here. Dancers are taught basic tap steps and learn tap terminology, with an emphasis on proper technique.   This class is where dancers are evaluated for progression onto other classes.

Tap Express
A continuation of technique and more advanced combinations. Performance opportunities are available in this group.

Sound Effects : Advanced level.
A class designed for young adults and the older advanced tapper. Entry is via evaluation by the instructor. Performance opportunities may be available in this class.

Steppin' Out: Intermediate to intermediate/advanced.
Enjoy Broadway Style and Rhythm Style dances as well as technique instruction. Dances taught in this class can be come a part of the OBDC performance repertoire.

Manhattan Dance Company (MDC): Intermediate to intermediate advanced.
In this class Broadway Style is emphasized and technique instruction is also continued.  Dances taught in this class may also become a part of the OBDC performance repertoire..

Broadway Tappers: A class designed for the more mature dancer.
Fun combinations and dances taught in an early class that starts at 4:30.  Performance opportunities davailable.


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